Yvette SL Bolden

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my story and learn about me.  I hope My Story helps you know me personally and encourages you to know some things about my background.

I was born Yvette Susan Lynette Bolden on November 2, 1969 in a small town called Akron Ohio.  Born to the late Robert & Susie Bolden, I am the 7th of 8 children.

Growing up poor and on welfare made life difficult but with a strict up bringing and a stern Father & Mother, I lived a sheltered and stable childhood.  Struggling with reading and learning was a challenge but I eventually learned to read and write. My Father often times disciplined me by making me look up words I didn’t know how to spell or pronounce.  He would make me pull down this huge dictionary that was so hard to lift and seemed like it weighed a thousand pounds.  Learning I thought was a punishment but I eventually knew why my Father was so stern.  My Father would yell at me for just about anything but I realized that he cared and wanted me to know why I was doing something.  I eventually graduated from high school and college with honors.

At an early age I developed a passion for drawing and painting.  I loved art class and enjoyed mixing paint which became a favorite of mine.  I can draw anything I see, it became second nature to me.

As I got older I developed weight issues and often times made poor food choices.  I remember as a young teen when my Father made a comment that I was getting “too heavy”.  It was at that time I became offended by my weight and one summer I secluded myself in my room, losing 50 pounds. 

Well it was at that time also I started to become more interested in health & wellness/fitness.  I became interested in nutrition and started reading labels and learning more about healthy foods and how they affected the body.  By the age of 30 I started to workout everyday and take care of myself more and more.  Health and Fitness became my passion.

  In the present day I am happy yet healthy.  I am making the best out of life each and everyday.  If you’d like to know more about me just ask I will do my best to encourage you and tell you about My Story.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about My Story and where I came from.