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Yvette SL Bolden

Hello and Thank You for taking the time to learn My Story. My Story is unique and it's my journey of life, it's also My Story of my humble beginning. My name is Yvette Susan Lynette Bolden. I was born in a small town called Akron (The Buckeye State) Ohio.
Born to the late Robert and Susie Bolden, my parents were strict and loving. I grew up sheltered, poor and on welfare. I had a lot of good memories but very few bad. I had trouble reading and my Dad oftentimes would yell at me when I had trouble or couldn't pronounce a word. I remember having to look up words that I did't know how to spell. I would have to climb on a chair and get this very thick dictionary to look up words and my Dad oftentimes made me use those words in a sentence. I eventually learned how to read and I graduated from High School and College. I always wondered why My Dad would always yell at me and when I was grown I knew why. It was because My Dad cared about me and it was in his opinion his way of teaching me the important things in life. Sadly my Dad passed away May 31, 1995, the day after his 68th. I am very thankful that I had the pleasure of being raised by a man who was very intelligent and valued education. I'm grateful that I had my Dad when I was a baby a young girl and a 25 year old woman. My parents taught me a lot about life. One thing I have is a big loving family.
Invest in your health -  slate blackboard sign against weathered red painted barn wood with a dumbbell, apple and tape measure
Health & Wellness has always been my lifetime journey. I struggled with weight at an early age. I remember My Dad made a comment that I was getting heavy. He said not in a mean way but that;s when I became concerned about my weight. One summer I would stay in my room and workout every day, so much that I lost 50 pounds. It was at that moment I became an advocate for Health & Wellness. By the age of 30 I started to take my health very seriously. I started to take care of myself, taking a deep interest in Nutrition. I would eat healthy and read labels for healthy nutritious meals. To this day I hate a weight scale because it doesn't really measure your true weight and overall health.
At a young age I loved art. Drawing and Painting was a love of mine. I loved going to Art class. One of my favorite things to do is mix paint. I love mixing paint, making a lot of colors. Staying in my room drawing and painting was a very fun thing to do. These are some of my early drawings and paintings that I drew.